Union Is Strength Story For Class 9

Union is Strength Story With Moral

Union Is Strength Story For Class 9-
(Easy – 150 words)

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had three sons. They always fought with each other and never worked together on the farm. The farmer worried that their disunity would lead to their downfall.

One day, the farmer called his sons and gave each of them a stick. He asked them to break the sticks. They did it easily. Then the farmer tied the three sticks together and handed them to the eldest son, telling him to break the bundle. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t break it.

The farmer smiled and said, “Unity is strength. Alone, you are weak, but together, you are powerful. If you stay united, nothing can harm you.”

The three sons understood the importance of unity that day. From then on, they worked together on the farm and became successful. The moral of the story: Union is Strength.

Urdu Meaning:

  • Unity: اتحاد (Ittehad)

  • Disunity: بے یگانگی (Be Yaganaigi)

  • Powerful: طاقتور (Taqatwar)

  • Harm: نقصان (Nuqsaan)

Union Is Strength Story For Class 9-
(Standard – 250 words)

In a small village, there lived four friends: a deer, a turtle, a crow, and a mouse. They were different in appearance and abilities, but their friendship was strong. One day, a hunter arrived, and the animals got scared. They realized that they could escape the danger by working together.

The crow flew high and spotted the hunter’s movements. The deer used its speed to distract him, while the turtle created a path with its hard shell for the mouse to hide safely. Together, they outsmarted the hunter and protected each other.

Their unity didn’t end there. They formed an alliance to help other animals in need. The deer carried the weak, the crow guided the lost, the turtle sheltered those in danger, and the mouse found food for the hungry.

Soon, all the animals in the forest understood the value of unity and joined the alliance. The hunter, witnessing the animals’ collective strength, realized his actions were wrong. He changed his ways and became a protector of the forest.

The moral of the story is that when individuals unite for a common purpose, they become a force that cannot be easily defeated. Union is strength, and with it, they can overcome any challenge that comes their way.

Urdu Meaning:

  • Outsmarted: پھونک دینا (Phonk Dena)

  • Alliance: اتحاد (Ittehad)

  • Protector: حافظ (Hafiz)

Union Is Strength Story For Class 9-
(Outstanding – 500 words)

In the prosperous kingdom of Suryapur, there lived four neighboring villages: Sunilpur, Tanvirkheda, Riazabad, and Uzma Nagar. Each village had its unique skills and resources. Sunilpur was known for its farmers, Tanvirkheda for skilled artisans, Riazabad for merchants, and Uzma Nagar for its intellectuals. For years, these villages lived in harmony, benefiting from each other’s expertise.

However, greed and jealousy crept into the hearts of some villagers. The merchant of Riazabad wanted the fertile land of Sunilpur, while the artisans of Tanvirkheda envied the intellectuals of Uzma Nagar for their wisdom. They hatched a plan to conquer the other villages and claim their resources.

One fateful night, the greedy villagers attacked Sunilpur, catching the farmers off-guard. They managed to seize some land, causing fear and confusion among the villagers. The same night, Tanvirkheda’s artisans launched a surprise attack on Uzma Nagar, stealing their ancient manuscripts and sacred knowledge.

The devastated villages realized that they were vulnerable alone, and their survival depended on unity. The village leaders decided to hold an emergency meeting. They knew that they had to put aside their differences and form a powerful alliance if they were to face the challenges ahead.

The leaders met under an ancient banyan tree, symbolizing wisdom and strength. After long discussions and negotiations, they agreed to form a union based on mutual respect and trust. Each village contributed its unique resources and skills to the alliance.

The farmers of Sunilpur provided food, the artisans of Tanvirkheda crafted powerful weapons, the merchants of Riazabad brought trade and prosperity, and the intellectuals of Uzma Nagar devised strategic plans. They trained together, learned from each other, and became a force to be reckoned with.

When the time came, the united villages confronted their attackers. The invaders were taken aback by the fierce resistance and superior strategy of the alliance. They had never expected these once-disparate villages to stand together as one.

Realizing the strength of the united villages, some invaders withdrew, while others surrendered. Peace was restored, and the alliance remained strong. Over time, the villages prospered, and their union inspired neighboring kingdoms to follow their example.

The moral of the story is that the power of unity and cooperation is unmatched. When people put aside their differences and work together for a common goal, they become invincible. The union of diverse strengths leads to progress, prosperity, and peace. It is a timeless lesson that “Union is Strength.”

Urdu Meaning:

  • Prosperous: خوشحال (Khushhaal)

  • Alliance: اتحاد (Ittehad)

  • Vulnerable: مستحکم نہ (Mustahkam Nah)

  • Resistance: مزاحمت (Muzahimat)

  • Invincible: ناقابل شکست (Naqabil-e-Shikast)

  • Diverse: مختلف (Mukhtalif)

  • Timeless: ابدی (Abadi)

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