Thal University Bhakkar

Thal University Bhakkar shines like a bright star in the field of education and knowledge. Established under the Provincial Assembly Act in 2022, this public university currently provides higher education to more than 3000 students across 18 disciplines. The university aims to cultivate individuals who not only excel in their careers but also play a role in societal progress. Principles and Goals of Thal University Bhakkar

Thal University Bhakkar

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Strategic Vision for Thal University Bhakkar

Vision for Academic Excellence: Professor Dr. Qaisar Abbas(VICE CHANCELLOR) envisions Thal University Bhakkar to be a beacon of academic excellence, emphasizing a nurturing environment based on mutual trust, unity, discipline, and respect. The goal is to establish the university as a leader in teaching, learning, and research, with a commitment to providing students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to thrive in national and global opportunities.

Commitment to Regional Development

Professor Dr. Qaisar Abbas, as the Vice Chancellor of Thal University Bhakkar, is dedicated to leveraging the rich cultural values and untapped potential of the region for social and economic development. The commitment involves collaborative efforts with all stakeholders, including faculty, administration, students, and the community, to discover cost-effective solutions in fields such as tourism, horticulture, agriculture, industries, and Information Technology. The aim is to contribute to building a knowledge-based economy and achieving milestones that position the university at the forefront of educational institutions in Punjab, Pakistan.

Challenges Faced by TUB

At the start of its second academic session, Thal University Bhakkar is facing significant challenges. Last year, the university offered admission in 20 subjects, but this year the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has restricted admissions to only ten subjects. Moreover, no admissions will be granted for Master’s degree programs this year. The university in Bhakar was established in 2012 as a sub-campus of the University of Sargodha. In the beginning, it offered around nine graduate programs. In 2014, the number of programs offered increased to 40.

These included BS programs, MSc and MA in various subjects, and MPhil classes in Chemistry, Botany, Mathematics, Economics, Zoology, and Urdu. In 2019, the Punjab government decided to establish Thal University in Bhakkar. As part of this decision, the sub-campus of Sargodha University, covering an area of 108 kanals, was designated to be converted into the city campus of Thal University in 2022. At the same time, additional land was allocated for the main campus. Notable Achievements of TUB.

Enrollment Statistics

Thal University Bhakkar (TUB) has enrolled more than 3,000 students in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs, reflecting a substantial and growing student body.

Faculty Attraction

TUB has successfully attracted highly qualified and experienced faculty members from various regions across Pakistan, highlighting its appeal as an academic institution.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The university has established state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to both teaching and research, emphasizing its commitment to providing a modern and conducive learning environment.

Collaborations with Other Universities

TUB has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with several leading universities in Pakistan and abroad, indicating a commitment to fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of students and faculty.

Research Project Highlights

Laboratories of TUB

Thal University Bhakkar has launched a number of research projects in collaboration with national and international partners, showcasing its dedication to advancing knowledge and contributing to meaningful research initiatives.

Faculties and Heads of Departments


  • Department of Computer Science & IT: Mr. Faheem Ahmed Khalid


  • Department of Biological Sciences:Dr. Muhammad Kabir
  • Department of Physics:Dr. Shanawer Niaz
  • Department of Chemistry:Dr.Yasmeen Gull
  • Department of Mathematics:Mr.Syed Zuhair Abbas


  • Department of Business Administration:Dr.Shahid Kalim Khan
  • Department of Commerce: Mr.Umar Akbar


  • Department of English: Ms.Eram Jamil
  • Department of Urdu: Mr.Sarwar Azeem
  • Department of Islamic Studies:Mr. Asif Mahmood
  • Department of Sports Sciences:Mr. Muhammad Ijaz
  • Department of Communication & Media Studies:Engr. Dr. Muhammad Asghar Nadeem


  • Department of Education:Mr. Sujawal Hussain
  • Department of Psychology:Ms. Rabia Saba
  • Department of Social Work:Mr. Umar Akbar
  • Department of Sociology:Mr. Muhammad Ahmar Jamshaid
  • Department of International Relations:Mr. Asad Ullah

Scholarship Opportunities at Thal University Bhakkar

  • Kinship Scholarships

  • Bait-ul-Maal Scholarships

  • Orphan Scholarships

  • HEC Need-Based Scholarships

Campus Facilities

Academic Facilities

Academic Facilities

Right now, Thal University Bhakkar has two academic buildings with more than 200 classrooms and necessary office space for administration. These buildings are well-equipped with modern facilities that meet international standards. They include up-to-date classrooms with projectors, a library, IT labs, and science labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. All these resources aim to create a learning environment that promotes disciplined education.

Admin Block

The administrative department acts like the back bone of any organization or institute. Staff of admin block use to Work tirelessly day and night in order to manage day to day duties, training, hiring etc.

Library of Thal University Bhakkar

Library of Thal University Bhakkar

Thal University’s library is a treasure trove of knowledge, housing thousands of books across diverse subjects. It serves as a valuable resource for students’ academic pursuits.

Laboratories of Thal University Bhakkar

Laboratories of Thal University Bhakkar

Equipped with modern facilities, Thal University’s science labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology provide a hands-on learning experience. These labs contribute to creating an environment conducive to disciplined education.

IT Labs

Thal University’s IT labs feature the latest computers and software, offering students opportunities to enhance their technical skills. The labs play a crucial role in preparing students for the technological demands of the modern world.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office at Thal University Bhakkar, led by Dr. Shahid Kalim Khan, serves as the chief operating officer and secretary for various academic and administrative bodies, including the syndicate. Committed to providing efficient services to faculty, staff, students, and alumni, the office plays a pivotal role in organizing meetings and maintaining communication within the university. The Registrar’s Office is dedicated to facilitating the academic journey of students, enforcing policies, and establishing global linkages for collaboration and recognition. For inquiries, contact the Registrar, Dr. Shahid Kalim Khan, or Deputy Registrar, Mr. Shariq Zia, and Assistant Registrar, Mr. Muhammad Irfan.

Controller of Examinations Office

The Controller of Examinations’ Office at Thal University Bhakkar, led by Dr. Muhammad Kabir, serves as the custodian of qualitative education. Contrary to common perceptions, the office plays a crucial role in shaping the academic landscape, analyzing parameters, and ensuring the impact of teaching pedagogy through results. Committed to probity, quality, and control, the office strives to execute a high-quality and legally secure evaluation system, contributing to the holistic development envisioned by Thal University Bhakkar. For inquiries, contact Dr. Muhammad Kabir or Deputy Controllers Ms. Rabia Saba and Ms. Rabia Shaheen Niazi, along with Help Desk Officer Mr. Amjad Nawaz.

Residential and Recreational Facilities

University Hostel

Thal University Bhakkar provides comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities to its faculty and students. There is a fully furnished hostel with dining and miscellaneous amenities to enable students to pursue their academic goals without the usual distractions of routine life with serene and secure residence. Hostel Thal University Bhakkar.

Jamia Masjid

MOsque TUB

The Jamia Mosque is the magnificent representation of Thal University Bhakkar. Students, teachers and all administrative staff including supporting staff use to offer prayers in Mosque. Interior of the Mosque is Truly a masterpiece. Its breathtaking views represents the essence of traditional Islamic architecture along with Pakistani culture.

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

Sports are the major and distinguishing part of the student life at Thal University Bhakkar as they have a unprecedented contribution to the all-round development of the students. University use to organize different types of Sports activites througout the year. These sports activites are aimed to let students to discover their mental and physical strengths. They also learn important life skills such as teamwork and sportsmen spirit through such activities.

Cafeteria and Dining

Multiple cafeterias on campus offer students standard and affordable food options. Cafeterias feature a wide variety of Pakistani and Chinese cuisines. Students have the flexibility to choose their meals according to their preferences and enjoy them in a comfortable environment.

Thal University Bhakkar Program And Fee Structure

BS – Botany

4 Years


BBA – Business Administration

4 Years


BS – Chemistry

4 Years


BS – Commerce

4 Years


BS – Computer Science

4 Years


BS – Economics

4 Years


BS – Education

4 Years


BS – English

4 Years


BS – Information Technology

4 Years


BS – Mathematics

4 Years


BS – Physics

4 Years


BS – Psychology

4 Years


BS – Social Work

4 Years


BS – Sociology

4 Years


BS – Zoology

4 Years


Masters MA MSc Programs and Courses

M.Sc. – Chemistry

2 Years


M.Sc. – Education [physical]

2 Years


MA – English

2 Years


M.Sc. – Physics

2 Years


MA – Social Work

2 Years


Founding Principles

  • Academic Excellence
  • Social Justice
  • Regional Development

 Academic Goals

  • Provide Quality Education
  • Promote Research and Innovation
  • Ensure Inclusivity and Diversity

Regional Development Objectives

  • Address Regional Challenges
  • Collaborate Nationally and Internationally
  • Build State-of-the-Art Facilities

University Contact Information

Address: Thal University Bhakkar,

University Road 30000, Bhakkar Ph. 0453-9200070 Email: [email protected] Website:

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