Schools and Universities in Islamabad are Closed Due to a Threat

Due to the security threats in islamabad, universities and schools in Islamabad will be closed from January 22 to January 24, 2024.Numerous universities and colleges in Islamabad have been closed due to a credible security concern, which has had a significant impact on the educational sector of the capital city. Proactive measures have been implemented by the administration to safeguard the well-being of faculty, students, and staff in light of a security threat.Despite the fact that the specifics of this threat remain unknown, the closure of educational institutions is an effort to mitigate the potential dangers.The closure order affects numerous universities and institutions in Islamabad, particularly those in sectors F-6, F-7, and F-8, and causes significant disruption to academic activities.

Schools and Universities in Islamabad are Closed Due to a Threat

Security Alert in islamabad

Date Range

January 22 to January 24, 2024

Reason for Closure

Credible security threat in Islamabad


Significant disruption to the educational sector

Affected Areas

Sectors F-6, F-7, and F-8 in Islamabad

Scope of Closure

Numerous universities and institutions, including prominent ones

Prominent Closed Universities

– Bahria University


– Air University


– National Defence University

Closure Duration

Indefinite closure for the mentioned universities

Communication to Students

Students were notified overnight of the abrupt shutdown

Exam Impact

Potential impact on final exams due to the unexpected closure

Security Measures

Enhanced security measures in and around educational institutions

Public Assurance

Administration urges parents and pupils to stay informed through official channels

Threat Alert Universities and Schools Have Been Closed in Islamabad

Three prominent universities in Islamabad, namely Bahria, Air, and National Defence Universities, have unexpectedly been closed indefinitely due to security concerns, according to university administration sources. Students were notified overnight of the abrupt shutdown, which may also have an impact on the final exams.

Enhanced security measures have been implemented in and around educational institutions in response to potential threats and in an effort to reassure the public. The administration is urging parents and pupils to remain informed regarding the opening of these institutions through official channels.

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