Punjabi Virtual Smart Card Registration for Automobiles

A smart card for virtual vehicle registration has been introduced by the Punjab Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Department. Please enter the chassis and registration numbers at https://vrcentpunjab.com/card to obtain the virtual card online. The Punjab government has solved a long-standing problem that the province’s new car owners were having, which represents a significant step forward toward digitization.

Card Registration for Automobiles

The news shared on social media that people can now get a digital copy of their card from its website if they have registered their cars but have not yet received them. “The owners must click mentioned link and enter their registration and chassis number to receive a virtual card,” the department announced.

Punjabi Virtual Smart Card Registration for Automobiles

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Punjab introduces virtual smart cards for vehicle registration.

Registration Process

Get the virtual card at https://vrcentpunjab.com/card using chassis and registration numbers.


Resolves delayed physical card issuance for new car owners, advancing digitization in the province.

Download and Usage

Owners can download and save the virtual card on mobile devices, representing Punjab’s first E-Registration Card.

Digital Services

Government and traffic police offer online services for learner permits, license renewal, and doorstep registration.

Doorstep Service

Request doorstep service by calling Punjab IT Board’s helpline at 080008786.

Online Presentation

E-driving license can be presented online to avoid penalties during traffic interactions.

Convenience and Progress

Digital measures enhance convenience, urging the government to continue progressive laws.

Virtual Smart Card Punjab Status Check Online

The digital measures greatly increase convenience by enabling people to obtain the necessary documents from the comfort of their homes. Advocates are pressuring the government to keep enacting laws that are as progressive for the good of the people.

Vrcentpunjab.Com Card

Surprisingly, the government and traffic police had previously allowed the online issue of learner permits and driver’s license renewals.

Punjabi Virtual Smart Card

By phoning the Punjab Information Technology Board’s helpline at 080008786, citizens can request the doorstep service, in which a department professional would visit their neighborhood to finish the registration procedure immediately.

Interactions between drivers and traffic inspectors were improved by the option to submit an electronic driving license online in order to avoid fines.

VR Cent Punjab Card Download

If you want to download the VR Cent Punjab Card, please follow these steps.

Steps to download the VR Cent Punjab Card:

  • Visit the VRC Punjab E-Registration Card website.
  • Enter your vehicle’s Registration Number and Chassis Number in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • You should now be able to view and download the digital card onto your smartphone.

The Punjab Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department has implemented this digital initiative with the objective of optimizing the vehicle registration procedure and addressing the challenges encountered by numerous newly registered vehicle proprietors who incur penalties for lacking tangible registration cards. The advancement towards the digitalization of the vehicle management system in the region is substantial.

Punjab Virtual Smart Card Registration for Vehicles

As soon as the owners receive the card, they can download and save it to their mobile devices. The agency tweeted, “Introducing Punjab’s first e-title document, E-Registration Card.” This step by the excise department is a smart one since it will assist the automobile owners with a significant issue and save them from having to pay fines and deal with other legal issues. The Punjabi government is not the only one bringing this important digital shift for drivers forward. It was previously declared by the government and traffic police that people could apply online for new learner permits and digitally renew their driver’s licenses.

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