Polling Officer General Election Duty List 2024

The Election Commission of Pakistan, or ECP, will release the General Election Duty List 2024 today, February 5, 2024. The ECP Final Duty List 2024 can be found at www.ecp.gov.pk. In the general elections that will take place on February 8, 2024, the people of Pakistan will choose MPAs and MNAs. Click here to see the ECPS Duty List 2024. It is said that this Election Duty List of Polling Officers was put out by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Polling Officer General Election Duty List 2024

General Election Duty List 2024



Election Commission


Announcement Date

05 February 2024

Election Date

08 February 2024

Website for Duty List


Total Staff

10 lac

Polling Officer List

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Training Period

December 26, 2023 – January 4, 2024

General Election Duty List 2024 was made public by the ECP today, February 5, 2024. The Pakistani poll Commission put out a list of workers who were chosen to do poll work for the 2024 general election on August 22. The Pakistani Election Commission taught people who worked in the field, such as Presiding Officers (POs), Assistant Presiders (APOs), and Polling Officers.

Election Duty List Of Polling Officer



Election Duty List of Polling Officers

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How and by whom is the list made

From December 26, 2023, to January 4, 2024, teachers were trained to be vote workers and deputy presiding officers in the first part. As planned for voting, people from the Election Commission set up polling places.

Election Duty List Of Polling Officer 2024

On February 5, 2024, the ECP Duty List 2024 will be made public. The much-anticipated 2024 election in Pakistan now has a General Election Duty List of Polling Officers that was made public by the Election Commission of Pakistan. This important document spells out the duties of more than a million poll workers, such as voting officers, presiding officers, and junior presiding officers. According to Article 218 of the Constitution, these people play a very important part in making sure that the process is honest, fair, and honest.

ECP Duty List 2024



Announcement Date

05 February 2024

Responsible Organization

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

Duties of Polling Officers

Verification of National Identity Card, Announcing Voter’s Name, Thumb Verification, Marking, Record Keeping, Additional Duties as Assigned

What are the duties of polling officers

  • The Electoral Officer has to make sure that the voter has a valid National Identity Card and match the voter’s information and picture to what is on the list of voters.
  • The voter’s name and serial number are read out loud.
  • For voters to make sure they’ve voted, the tip on each thumb is checked.
  • Permanent ink is used to mark every thumb on the voter’s right.
  • The voter’s name is taken off the record before they are brought to the APO.
  • He is part of the team and will do any extra work that the PO or APO gives him.

Election Duty List 2024

To look at and download the 2024 Election Duty List Candidates can go to the official page to do things connected to the election. The site’s easy-to-use design makes it simple for the millions of applicants to fill out their forms and see their to-do lists. The URL in this piece will take candidates to the official website, which has detailed information about the tasks they have been given. To make sure the election runs smoothly and efficiently, each voting officer needs to go over their list of tasks.

Duties of Polling Agents

Counting Ballot Boxes at the Station

  • Count the number of ballot boxes present at the station.

Checking Ballot Boxes from the Inside

  • Inspect the contents of the ballot boxes from the inside.

Verifying Seals on Ballot Boxes

  • Verify the seals on the ballot boxes.

Recording Ballot Paper Numbers

  • Note down the numbers on the ballot papers.

Monitoring Entry and Exit Routes

  • Keep an eye on the pathways for incoming and outgoing individuals.

Vigilance on Polling Staff

  • Maintain a vigilant watch over the polling staff.

Checking Suspicious Individuals’ Identity Cards

  • Inspect the identity cards of individuals arousing suspicion.

Verification of Original Identity Cards

  • Verify the authenticity of the original identity cards.

Particularly During Meal Times, Stay Alert

  • Pay extra attention during meal times.

Promptly Inform Presiding Officer if Any Irregularities

  • Immediately inform the Presiding Officer if any wrongdoing is observed.

Do Not Leave Assigned Seat Under Any Circumstances

  • Stay at the assigned seat at all times.

In Case of Any Disruption or Temporary Closure, Do Not Sign the Counting Completion Form Until the Time is Completed

  • If there is any disturbance or if polling is temporarily halted, do not sign the counting completion form until the designated time is completed.

Before Counting, Check the Seal of Each Ballot Box

  • Prior to counting, check the seal of each ballot box one by one.

Check the Stamp During Counting

  • Verify the stamp during the counting process.

After Counting, Verify Equality Between Ballot Papers and Voter Lists

  • After the counting is completed, check if the number of ballot papers and voter lists match.

Mandatory: Obtain Form 45 from the Presiding Officer After Counting Concludes

  • It is compulsory to obtain Form 45 from the Presiding Officer after the counting process is finished.

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