Pakistan’s IKLC 2024 Results Are Announced

The announcement of the IKLC 2024 Results Pakistan is scheduled for January 18, 2024. You can check the IKLC 2024 Results Answer Key online by visiting this link. You can now obtain the sample answer key, answer sheets, and examination results for the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest for both the Ecolier Level (Class 3-4) and Pre the Older Level (Class 1-2). Students can view their scores for the following classes: Student Level (Class 9–10), Cadet Level (Class 7-8), Junior Level (Class 9–10), and Benjamin Level (Class 5-6).

Latest Updates on IKLC Result 2024 Pakistan

The names of the medal and prize winners have been updated along with the official announcement of the result. Around February 10, 2024, Creative Learning will send the institutions the final results as well as any medals and prizes that may have been awarded.

IKLC Result 2024 Answer Key Check Online


Key Information

Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2023

– Participants from 24 countries. – Congratulations to participating teams.

IKLC Result 2024 Pakistan

– Result announced, date unspecified. – Available on IKLC’s official page. – Certificates and medals delivered via school after result announcement.

IKLC Total Marks

– Score composition: Credit Points, Points for correct answers. – Pre-Ecolier/Ecolier: 120 points; Cadets, Junior, and Student: 150 points.

IKLC Exam Answer Sheets

– Online results for GOLD METALISTS, BRONZE METALISTS, etc., available.

IKLC Result 2023 – 2024 Pakistan

– Check IKLC result 2024 Pakistan. – Results, Poster Forms, Roll Numbers, Past Papers, Answer Sheets, Gold/Silver/Bronze Medalists.

IKLC Gold Medal 2024

– Awarded for first place in a specific category within the country.

IKLC 2024 International Events

– Simultaneous events at participating universities. – Winners based on total points in districts and schools. – Additional awards for deserving participants.

Check IKLC Result 2024

– Information on checking IKLC Result 2024, Answer Key, and examination answer sheets.

Results of the 2023 Kangaroo Linguistic Contest

This year’s contest results are now public, and they’re really incredible! Twenty-four national teams competed in this year’s competition: China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Romania, Thailand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, and the United States of America. Congrats to each and every one of these teams, which includes some of the world’s most talented young linguists.

Iklc Total Marks

The components of your test score are:

  • Credit Points: Cadet, Junior, and Student receive 30 points, Ecolier and Pre-Ecolier receive 24 points.
  • Points for accurate responses
  • When someone gives a wrong answer, they lose points.

Note: Ecolier and Pre-Ecolier have 120 points combined. A combined 150 points are awarded to Cadets, Juniors, and Students.


Q: When is the announcement of the IKLC Pakistan 2024 Result scheduled?

A: The result is scheduled for January 18, 2024.

Q: Where can I check the IKLC Result 2024 Answer Key online?

A: You can check the Answer Key by visiting the provided link.

Q: What information is available in the IKLC Result 2024 Pakistan section?

A: The result announcement date is unspecified, available on IKLC’s official page. Certificates and medals will be delivered through schools.

Q: How are the total marks calculated in IKLC, and what are the score compositions for different levels?

A: Total marks vary for Pre-Ecolier/Ecolier (120 points) and Cadets, Junior, and Student (150 points). Components include Credit Points and Points for correct answers.

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