Pakistan Announces IKLC Result 2023–2024

The outcome is formally declared, accompanied by an update to the names of the medal and prize recipients. The institutions will receive the final product, medals, and prizes (if applicable), from Creative Learning on or around February 10, 2024.

IKLC Result 2023–2024

The announcement of the IKLC Result 2023 Pakistan is scheduled for January 15, 2024. Online verification of the IKLC Result 2024 Answer Key is available on this page. The results, answer sheets, and sample answer key for the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest examinations for Pre-older Level (Class 1-2) and Ecolier Level (Class 3-4) are now available for download. Students have the ability to access the results for the following levels: Student Level, Cadet Level (Class 7-8), Junior Level (Class 9-10), and Student Level (Class 9-10).

IKLC Result 2023-2024



Jan 15, 2024


Pre-Ecolier to Student


Names updated, medals/prizes dispatched by Feb 10, 2024

IKLC Contest 2024 Result





IKLC Official Page


Certificates and medals sent to schools post-announcement

The contest outcomes for the current year have been declared, and they are truly remarkable! Twenty-four national teams participated in the current competition, including those from the United States of America, China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Romania, Thailand, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Peru. Certain among these teams consists of some of the most intelligent young linguists on the planet. I congratulate them all.

Results of the 2024 Kangaroo Linguistic Contest | Iklc Gold Medal 2024

Regarding this, an email has been dispatched to the Principal and Coordinator’s formal email addresses.  Here you will find the IKLC Contest 2024 Result, answer sheets, and sample keys.

2024 IKLC Result in Pakistan

The 2024 IKLC Result is declared. The date of the result is not specified. Await the outcome. The announcement will be made on the official IKLC website ( Your school will deliver your certificates and mementos (if awarded) within two days of the announcement of the results. As it determines the educational and professional trajectories of aspiring students, it generates considerable anticipation.

The total IKLC marks

Iklc Total Marks



Credit Points, Correct Answers, Deductions for Incorrect ones

Total Points

Pre-Ecolier/Ecolier (120), Cadets/Junior/Student (150)

Your exam score consists of the following:

  • Credit Points: Pre-Ecolier and Ecolier earn 24 points, while Cadet, Junior, and Student earn 30 points.
  • Bonuses for accurate responses
  • Points are deducted in the event of providing improper responses.

Pre-Ecolier and Ecolier each carry a weight of 120 points in total. Cadets, Juniors, and Students each possess 150 points in total.

Please indicate any concerns you may have regarding the IKLC Results in the comment section; our specialists will respond to your inquiry without delay.

Supplementary IKLC Examination Answer Sheets

IKLC Exam Answer Sheets



Comprehensive results for various levels

This page contains the announcement of the Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2024 results. The IKLC exhaustive results for distinguished educators, gold medalists, bronze medalists, prize winners at the state, district, national, and class levels, as well as other levels of competition, are accessible online via this website.

Pakistan IKLC Result 2023–2024

IKLC Pakistan 2024 Results are available here. You may view the RESULTS. National Prize Winners, Poster Forms, Roll Nos, Past Papers, Answer Sheets, Gold and Silver Medalists, Bronze Medalists, and Silver and Gold Medalists

Result of the 2024 International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest

IKLC Linguistic Contest 2024


Nationwide Events

Simultaneous events at universities


Winners based on points at district and school levels

Concurrent IKLC events are scheduled to take place at every participating university across the country. The first prize is awarded to the victors at each level of competition by the assessors in accordance with the cumulative points they have accumulated in their respective districts and institutions. Furthermore, numerous supplementary awards and certificates are bestowed upon deserving children at every tier of participation.


How Can I View The IKLC Result 2024?

Check IKLC Result 2024



Result, Answer Key, and Sheets available

Answer Key, International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest IKLC Result 2024, and examination answer sheets.

How does one obtain an IKLC gold medal?

IKLC Gold Medal 2024



First place in a category within the country

The IKLC Gold Medal 2024 will be bestowed upon the national champion in a specific category.

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