Pakistan 2024 Election Holidays Announced

With the approaching general elections in Pakistan scheduled for February 8, 2024, there is much discussion over the potential occurrence of a countrywide holiday coinciding with this significant occasion. The expectation of a day off on February 8 is based on a custom that was formed following the 2018 General Election when the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) officially designated July 25th as a public holiday.

Pakistan 2024 Election Holidays Announced

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Pakistan 2024 Election Holidays



Expected Election Holidays 2024

Punjab School Holidays: Feb 6-10, 2024. Official announcement awaited. Feb 8 elections impact social and educational landscapes.

Election Day (Feb 8th)

Polling day declared a public holiday nationwide with a festive atmosphere in polling stations.

Punjab School Holidays 2024

Updates on Feb 8th Election holidays in Punjab. Stay tuned for the latest information.

Public Holidays in Pakistan Feb 2024

No official closure for schools mentioned. Pre-election week may disrupt schedules due to rallies and heightened security. Provinces may declare additional holidays based on local concerns. Check with local school administration for updates.

General Elections on Feb 8, 2024

Speculation about a nationwide holiday on Feb 8. ECP may announce on Jan 26. Possible alignment with Kashmir Day, providing two public holidays in the same week. SBP expected to declare a holiday on polling day.

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Expected 8 Public Holidays in February 2024 across Pakistan

As the general elections in Pakistan approach on February 8, 2024, conjecture surrounds the possible proclamation of February public holidays. As a result of the elections, educational institutions are expected to be closed on February 4 and 5, in observance of Kashmir Day, and again from February 6 to 10. The return to classes is anticipated on February 12, following an eight-day Holidays. The nation anxiously awaits the official statement issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan, which will further energise the upcoming general elections as it reflects on the convergence of national responsibility and communal pleasure.

Election holidays in pakistan 2024





Feb 4


Educational institutions closed.

Feb 5

Kashmir Day

Public holiday.

Feb 6-10

Election Holidays

Schools closed due to general elections.

Feb 11


Feb 12

Schools to reconvene after an eight-day break.

Purpose of Election Holidays and 2018 Precedent

The main purpose of such holidays is to enable voters, ensuring they can comfortably exercise their right to vote and engage in the political process. Considering the 2018 precedent, in which the ECP formally proclaimed a public holiday on July 12 and gave the public 13 days’ advance notice before the elections, a similar declaration for February 8 may be anticipated around January 26 this year.

Constitutional Authority and Potential February 8 Declaration

Under the provisions of Article 218 of the Constitution, the Election Commission of Pakistan has the right to officially designate public holidays on election days. If February 8 is officially declared as a public holiday, it would be a momentous occasion for Pakistanis, since it aligns with Kashmir Day, which happens to be on a Monday. This fortunate coincidence would allow the people of Pakistan to have the privilege of experiencing two public holidays in the same week.

Financial Sector Alignment: SBP’s Expected Vacation

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is anticipated to declare a vacation on the day of voting, in line with previous customs. This measure aims to synchronize the financial sector with the national emotion and assist the election process.

While the Election Commission of Pakistan has yet to make a formal statement, the possibility of a public holiday on February 8 has generated further anticipation for the approaching general elections. This has brought attention to the connection between civic responsibility and communal jubilation.

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