Number of Seats Won by PTI Election 2024

PTI leader Barrister Gohar emphasizes peaceful voting and urges calm as he claims 150 seats in the Pakistani elections, despite delayed results. Pakistan’s main political parties appeared to be at a standstill in the early results of Friday’s general election, which the authorities attributed to the unexpected delays in the shutdown of mobile phone services. In the 2024 Election, how many seats did PTI win? Please stay with us while you read this content.

Number of Seats Won by PTI Election 2024

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How Many Seats PTI Won In 2024 Election

According to unofficial claims and early reports:


Seats Won

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

At least 150 seats (claimed)

Number of Seats Won by PTI in the 2024 Election

As of today, February 9, 2024, the official results of the elections in Pakistan have not yet been made public. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is still tallying votes and confirming results even after voting ended yesterday. On the other hand, based on publicly accessible and reliable sources, I can give you details regarding the 2024 Pakistani elections and the number of seats that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party gained.

Nevertheless, there are rumors circulating and preliminary data pointing to the potential number of seats that PTI may have won:

  • PTI assertions: The party’s Central Information Secretary asserts that the party is ahead in at least 150 seats in the National Assembly.
  • Early reports: According to news sources, PTI is ahead in the votes, especially in the region of Punjab.

PTI Election 2024 Result

  • These are preliminary findings and unofficial statements, not conclusive outcomes.
  • The ECP will make the final results public following thorough vetting.
  • The National Assembly has 266 representatives, meaning that 134 seats are needed for a party to have a simple majority.

For a precise count of the seats that PTI has won, it is advisable to wait for the official declaration from the ECP. For the most recent information, check out their official website or news updates.

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