New Zealand Work Visa For Pakistani 2024 Apply Now

The New Zealand work visa for Pakistani citizens in 2024 is currently available. You will receive your New Zealand ETA in about 2 days. You will just need to pay USD $95.99. A work visa in New Zealand is valid for 6 months, meaning your employment in the country is restricted to that duration. The New Zealand work permit fee is 55 NZD (INR 2839) for all visa types. The airfare for New Zealand starts at £598. The average duration of a flight from Pakistan to New Zealand is 16 hours and 18 minutes.

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New Zealand Visa for Pakistan 2024 Apply Online

Are you a Pakistani citizen looking for a job in New Zealand? If that is the case, you are required to submit an application for and get a work visa. With a work visa, you are permitted to reside and conduct business in any country of your choosing. To obtain a New Zealand work visa from Pakistan, you will require a passport, a fully filled visa application form, and additional supporting documents. This post will discuss the process for Pakistani individuals to obtain a work visa in New Zealand and the benefits of utilising a professional immigration adviser.

New Zealand Work Visa Price For Pakistani 2024



Visa Type

New Zealand Work Visa


Open for Pakistani citizens

Application Duration

2 days

Visa Type

New Zealand ETA

Visa Fee

USD $95.99

Validity Period

6 months

Employment Limit

Limited to 6 months

Work Permit Charge

55 NZD (INR 2839)

Air Ticket Price


Get Visa

Click Here to Apply Online

Flight Duration

Approximately 16 hours and 18 minutes from Pakistan to New Zealand

New Zealand Visa Types for Pakistan

Individuals globally seek New Zealand work permits and student visas to work and study in the country. New Zealand is becoming as a sought-after destination for work opportunities and global academic pursuits. There exist Pakistani citizens have access to the following types of New Zealand visas.

  • Work Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa
  • Dependent Child Resident Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Group Visitor Visa

New Zealand Work Visa Fees and Process

Work visas often involve two sorts of fees: a visa fee and an immigration levy. It is important to consistently verify your particular requirements since certain countries may have higher costs than others, while others might have a fee exemption arrangement with New Zealand. Visa or MasterCard credit cards can be used for online visa payment. The visa fee will differ if you are travelling from a Pacific country. The New Zealand work permit fee is 55 NZD (INR 2839) for all visa types.

Work Visa Type

Fee in NZD

Fee in PKR

Entrepreneur Work Visa



Working Holiday Visa



Working Holidaymaker Extension Visa



Other work visas



New Zealand Online Visa Application From Pakistan

Visa applications are processed electronically through the New Zealand Immigration website. Completing the online method is efficient and simple; filling out the form should not require more than 15 minutes. You can also send the required application form and supporting documents by mail to the designated centre or location for the specific visa you are applying for.

You will receive instructions on whether to submit your passport or if an electronic visa will be issued, based on the type of visa you have filed for. This electronic visa serves as a digital substitute for the traditional passport sticker or stamp and is stored within the immigration system.

Types of New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand Work Visas are categorised into Permanent and Temporary classes. New Zealand typically does not provide permanent visas upon arrival, with the exception of Australian nationals. It is important for everyone seeking work visas to understand the primary groups and their requirements.

Critical Skills Work Permit

In New Zealand, individuals working in high-demand sectors qualify for an Essential Skills work visa. Moreover, the New Zealand government has included these job descriptions to its list of skill shortages, which is regularly updated based on labour market needs. Individuals with specialised skills are more likely to qualify for Work from Residence Visas because to the higher points they receive on the Residence Visa point charts.

New Zealand Visa Requirements for Pakistani

The essential documents needed for a work visa are as follows.

  • A current passport photo, captured within the last six months.
  • Your current passport must be valid for at least six more months and have a minimum of two blank pages for visa stamps.
  • To avoid self-isolation, acquire a PCR test or a COVID-19 immunisation record.
  • Photocopy of the National Identity Card. Visa fee for Poland.
  • Form submitted.

Processing Time for New Zealand Work Visa

COVID-19 has caused a delay for most visa applicants. The processing time for a New Zealand work visa typically varies from three to seven months on average, influenced by many circumstances.

Type of work visa

  • Applicant’s profile Visa staff availability
  • Embassy protocols

Only the specified categories are currently eligible for visas issued by the country, and the visa application process is carried out online.

  • Border Exceptions,
  • Essential Skills work visas,
  • Work to Residence visas,
  • Partnership visas (temporary and residence),
  • Post-study work visas,
  • Student visas,
  • Visitor visas, and
  • Section 61 requests.

Short-term Employment Visa

Individuals seeking short-term employment in New Zealand can apply for a Temporary Work Visa. Visas vary widely based on individuals’ characteristics and occupations.

How to Apply New Zealand Work Visa For Pakistan 2024

To be eligible, you need a valid passport and any other required papers specified by the government. You need to provide proof of your outstanding moral character, a job confirmation from a New Zealand business, sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents during your stay, and health insurance.

  • Gather all pertinent documentation for a New Zealand visa, including your passport and any additional supporting papers.
  • Ensure that your Pakistani passport remains valid for travel for a minimum of six months upon your arrival in New Zealand. Obtain a new Pakistani passport if needed.
  • Complete the application for New Zealand.
  • Schedule a meeting to deliver your application at the New Zealand embassy or consulate. You can accomplish this task either through an online platform or by contacting the embassy or consulate directly.
  • Once completed, submit the required documentation along with your passport, payment, and visa application to the New Zealand embassy.

New Zealand Embassy in Pakistan




10-B/11, 4th Zamzama Street, D.H.A., Phase-V, Karachi 75500, Pakistan


(+92) 21 3565 6993


(+92) 21 3565 6994 (Visa and immigration)


(+92) 21 3565 6995


[email protected]

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