Haste Make Waste Story For Class 9

Haste Make Waste Story For Class 9

Haste Makes Waste Story-(Easy – 150 words)

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a young boy named Raju. He was always in a hurry and never took his time to do things properly. One day, Raju was assigned to water the plants in the village garden. Instead of watering the plants carefully, he rushed through the task, spilling water everywhere.

The village wise man, Mr. Khan, noticed Raju’s haste and approached him. He said, “Raju, haste makes waste. Take your time and water the plants gently, and they will grow beautifully.” Raju ignored the advice and continued his hasty ways.

As time passed, the plants in the garden started withering due to Raju’s negligence. Seeing the sad state of the garden, Raju realized his mistake. He began to water the plants with care and patience. Slowly, the plants regained their vitality and bloomed again.

From that day on, Raju learned the importance of not rushing and doing things with diligence. The village learned from Raju’s experience and always remembered the saying, “Haste makes waste.”

Urdu Meaning:

  1. Haste: جلد بازی (Jald Baazi)
  2. Waste: ضائع کرنا (Zaaya Karna)
  3. Negligence: لاپروائی (La Parwai)
  4. Vitality: زندہ دلی (Zinda Dili)
  5. Bloomed: کھلنا (Khilna)

Haste Makes Waste Story- (Standard – 250 words)

In the bustling city of Riverside, there lived a diligent girl named Maya. She was known for her patience and attention to detail. One day, Maya’s parents asked her to prepare a surprise dinner for her grandparents, who were visiting after a long time. Excited but nervous, Maya started cooking in haste.

As she cooked, she accidentally spilled ingredients and overcooked some dishes due to her hurry. When the dinner was served, it was a disappointment. The overcooked food lacked flavor, and the spills made a mess on the table.

Maya felt remorseful and learned a valuable lesson from her mistake. Her grandmother, who was a wise woman, said, “My dear, haste makes waste. Take your time, focus on each step, and you’ll create a wonderful meal.”

The next day, Maya decided to try again, but this time, she was patient and meticulous. She measured ingredients carefully, cooked at the right pace, and presented the dishes elegantly. The dinner turned out to be a delightful feast, and her grandparents were immensely pleased.

Maya realized that patience and attention to detail were crucial in every aspect of life. From that day on, she embraced the mantra “haste makes waste” and applied it in all her endeavors, achieving success and contentment.

Urdu Meaning:

  1. Diligent: محنتی (Mehnatii)
  2. Remorseful: ندامت (Nadamat)
  3. Meticulous: محتاط (Muhtaat)
  4. Endeavors: کوشش (Koshish)
  5. Contentment: قناعت (Qana’at)

Haste Makes Waste  Story-(Outstanding – 500 words)

In the mystical kingdom of Serenity, there lived a gifted young artist named Aiden. He was passionate about sculpting and dreamt of creating a masterpiece that would mesmerize the world. One day, the King announced an art competition, and the winner would be granted a generous reward and the honor of displaying their work in the royal gallery.

Filled with excitement, Aiden began crafting his sculpture without a moment’s delay. However, consumed by his eagerness to win, he disregarded the significance of careful planning and precision. In his haste, he ignored the small details and neglected to refine the sculpture’s intricate features.

When the day of the competition arrived, Aiden presented his creation. The judges were renowned artists, and they could immediately sense the lack of thoughtfulness and effort in Aiden’s work. Disappointed, they remarked, “Haste makes waste, young artist. Your piece lacks the finesse that true art demands.”

Aiden felt defeated but realized the wisdom in the judges’ words. Determined to improve, he embarked on a journey to learn from skilled artisans across the kingdom. He witnessed their dedication, patience, and commitment to perfection in their work.

Months passed, and Aiden returned to the kingdom with newfound knowledge and a transformed perspective. He started sculpting again, this time with utmost care and meticulousness. Each stroke of the chisel was deliberate, each curve of the sculpture purposeful.

As the art competition was held once more, Aiden unveiled his creation, a masterpiece that depicted the essence of Serenity’s beauty. The sculpture was a testament to his growth as an artist, capturing the hearts of everyone present.

The judges were awestruck by the craftsmanship and attention to detail. They declared Aiden the winner, and the King himself praised the young artist’s perseverance and dedication. Aiden’s sculpture was placed in the royal gallery, inspiring generations to come.

The phrase “haste makes waste” became a cornerstone of artistic teachings in Serenity. Aiden’s story reminded everyone that true art required patience, discipline, and a deep understanding of the craft. He continued to create breathtaking artworks, each one a testament to the lesson he had learned.

In time, Aiden’s reputation as a master artist spread far and wide. Visitors from distant lands came to witness his creations and learn from his wisdom. Aiden humbly shared his experiences, always emphasizing the importance of taking one’s time and never rushing the creative process.

And so, the kingdom of Serenity prospered, not only in art but in every aspect of life. The people embraced the notion that patience, diligence, and thoughtful efforts lead to excellence, while haste only results in waste.

Urdu Meaning:

  1. Mesmerize: مات کرنا (Mat Karna)
  2. Meticulousness: احتیاط (Ehtiyat)
  3. Essence: روح (Roo’h)
  4. Testament: تصدیق (Tasdīq)
  5. Prosper: کامیاب ہونا (Kāmyāb Honā)

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