Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024 Apply Now

In 2024, on February 19th, the Fauji Foundation will unveil their scholarship program.Children of active-duty military members (Air Force, Navy, Northern Light Infantry, Defence Services Guards, and 10-year-old Corps Mujahids) are eligible for scholarships through the Fauji Foundation Educational Stipend Scheme (FFES). Students enrolling in intermediate, four-year undergraduate programs, and classes 1–10 are eligible to receive the scholarship. Students pursuing degrees in technical and professional fields are also eligible for the award. May 31, 2024 is the deadline for applications to the Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024.

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024 Apply Now

Fauji Foundation Scholarships Program 2024

Scholarship Name

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024

Announcement Date

19 February 2024

Application Deadline

May 31, 2024

Payment of Stipends

July to September

Fauji Foundation Program

Application Form

SETS Scholarship Online Apply 2024 www.sets.com.pk

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Eligibility

For the Fauji Foundation scholarship, beginning with Class I, students enrolled in recognized or approved institutions who fulfill the following requirements are eligible to apply: –

(a) The offspring of former service members who gave their lives or are unable to do so are eligible.

(b) Offspring of veterans who suffer from physical or mental impairments.

  • From Class IX onwards. The offspring of veterans.
  • Regardless of their grade point average, children with special needs or impairments will receive a stipend as they go on to the next grade.
  • Starting the day after the SOS, students can apply for a stipend from their parents to help cover the costs of their studies.
  • Stipends will be provided to no more than three typically developing children (including special needs and disabled children) of an ex-serviceman at any given time. The number of children that can be included in cases involving disabled, Shuhada, or deceased former military is, however, unlimited.

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024

On February 19, 2024, the Fauji Foundation will release their scholarship program for the year 2024.Beginning at the age of 54, Fauji has been devoted to protecting academic liberties through the FFES. It has grown into an essential tool for expanding educational opportunities and ensuring equity in the classroom over the years. Every year, this program helps a wide range of college students, which shows how valuable and influential it is in the field of education.The enduring impact of FFES’s unwavering dedication to assisting families with their educational aspirations in the military is evident. By reducing the financial burden of schooling, it guarantees that children of former military people have an equal opportunity to thrive academically.

How to apply for Fauji Foundation Scholarships?

  • You can get the application form at the Fauji Foundation Welfare Projects, the District Armed Services Board locations, or at the Fauji Foundation Head Office in Rawalpindi for Rs. 6.00 in cash. It’s free to download. The Fauji Foundation also offers a free download of the app on their website, so you can get it there or click here.
  • Please use all capital letters to indicate your accuracy and completion of the form. Please make sure that you fill out every section of the form completely. Forms that are not fully filled out will not be commonplace going forward. Carefully read and follow all of the instructions on your form.
  • To be considered for the scholarship, you must complete an application every year. You must submit your scholarship application prior to the annual deadline in order to be considered for the award.

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