Essay On Democracy

Essay On Democracy

Democracy in Pakistan Essay

Democrats perceive democracy as a political theory where citizens directly elect representatives, ensuring these officials are held accountable. Democracy, in this perspective, is designed to safeguard the dignity and rights of the people, uphold the rule of law, and promote good governance. However, it is no secret that Pakistan has faced numerous challenges since gaining independence in 1947, hindering the progress of democracy. The country has witnessed multiple coups d’état and periods of martial law, disrupting democratic development and weakening civilian authority. The military and judiciary, as unelected and unaccountable institutions, have consistently interfered with democratically elected governments, even during their terms. Pakistan’s democratic journey has been plagued by political unrest, corruption, violence, terrorism, and social underdevelopment. Consequently, it is imperative for Pakistan to construct stronger democratic institutions and foster a democratic culture while addressing the root causes of its challenges to establish a sustainable democratic state.

Future of Democracy in Pakistan Essay

The democratic system in governance enables the people to vote in order to elect leaders who have popular support during open elections. Any nation requires democracy if it has to develop, prosper, or move forward. Nevertheless, democracy in Pakistan has experienced a number of hurdles and hindrances ever since. There has been frequent military coup, constitutional crisis, political chaos, corruption, violence, extremism, and external meddlesome in Pakistan’s democratic process and development which has been eroding the foundations for democracy and democratic institutions. However, this doesn’t imply that Pakistan has not exhibited any marks of fortitude or that there is no hope for democracy in Pakistan. Pakistan succeeded with smooth change of powers twice in 2013 as well as in 2018. This means this was remarkable feat for a country which spent more than its half time under military control. The other aspect is the fact that there is vibrant civil society, active judiciary that is independent, media which is free, and energetic youth that can support development of democracy in Pakistan.

Democracy Essay in Urdu

ڈیموکریٹس جمہوریت کو ایک سیاسی نظریہ کے طور پر دیکھتے ہیں جس میں ایسے لوگ شامل ہوتے ہیں جو اپنے نمائندوں کو براہ راست منتخب کرتے ہیں اور اس بات کو یقینی بناتے ہیں کہ یہ اہلکار مناسب احتساب کا استعمال کریں۔ جمہوریت کا تصور لوگوں کے وقار بشمول ان کے حقوق، قانون کی حکمرانی اور گڈ گورننس کی ضمانت دینا ہے۔ اس کے باوجود، یہ کوئی خبر نہیں ہے کہ پاکستان نے 1947 میں آزادی حاصل کرنے کے بعد سے جمہوریت میں رہتے ہوئے کئی رکاوٹوں کا سامنا کیا ہے۔ پاکستان نے متعدد بغاوتوں اور مارشل لاء کے دور سے گزرا ہے، جس نے جمہوری ترقی میں رکاوٹ ڈالی اور شہری طاقت کو کمزور کیا۔ ریاست کے یہ غیر منتخب اور غیر جوابدہ ادارے – فوج اور عدلیہ – نے بار بار جمہوری طور پر منتخب حکومتوں میں مداخلت کی ہے یہاں تک کہ منتخب حکومتیں برسراقتدار تھیں۔ اس کے علاوہ، پاکستان کی جمہوریت سیاسی انتشار، بدعنوانی، تشدد، دہشت گردی، اور سماجی میدان میں پسماندگی سے متاثر ہوئی ہے۔ نتیجتاً پاکستان کو اپنے بنیادی مسائل سے نمٹتے ہوئے بہتر جمہوری اداروں اور ثقافتوں کی تعمیر کرنا ہوگی تاکہ اسے ایک پائیدار جمہوری ریاست مل سکے۔

Democracy Quotations

  • “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.”
  • “Democracy involves enhancing each citizen’s ability to participate in societal deliberations, beyond merely having a vote.”
  • “Democracy, as a term, can be a deceptive tool to pacify and gain acceptance for a particular institution. The use of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ should be scrutinized, as true freedom needs no proclamation.”
  • “The liberty of a democracy is at risk if private power surpasses the strength of the democratic state. This situation is likened to fascism, where government ownership is overshadowed by an individual, a group, or any controlling private entity.”
  • “The most compelling argument against democracy is a brief conversation with the average voter.”

Democracy Essay with Quotations for 2nd year

  •  This form of government empowers citizens to choose their representatives and demand accountability for resource utilization.
  •  Democracy is founded on principles of equality, liberty, justice, and human rights, making it the foremost type of government.
    – The significance of democracy lies in citizens’ active participation in law development, safeguarding their interests and prosperity.
  •  However, global challenges, including corruption, violence, extremism, poverty, illiteracy, intolerance, and foreign interference, pose obstacles to democracy.
    – Sustaining democracy demands continuous vigilance and progress from both the people and their officials.
  •  Democracy, as per Abraham Lincoln, is “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” requiring responsible and engaged citizens.
  • According to John F. Kennedy, citizens play a crucial role in democracy, stating, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
  • Democracy is not just a right but also an obligation to the present and future generations.

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