Distribution OF Tablets For Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024

The Punjab government is holding the Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024 Ceremony today, January 21, 2024. A computer distribution event was held by the School Education Department (SED) Punjab’s Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) as part of the Transformation into Access, Learning, and the Transformation in Access Learning Equity Education Management (TALEEM) Program, which represents a noteworthy development in Punjab’s educational landscape. The main goal of this project is to provide more than 33,000 Punjabi primary schools with new tablets, which will support the continuous professional development (CPD) of the teachers.

Distribution OF Tablets For The Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024

Using tablets, the Taleem program improves Punjabi schools


January 21, 2024


School Education Department (SED) Punjab

Program Name

Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024


Provide 33,000+ Punjabi primary schools with tablets for teacher development


Transforming access, learning, and equity through IMIS


Tablets preloaded with instructional content, supporting diverse learning


Interactive e-books, animations, and games for dynamic learning

Teacher Support

Empowers teachers with tools, lesson plans, and online resources


Increase access to education, promote equity and inclusivity


Builds digital infrastructure, offers comprehensive training


Ensures efficient and long-term use of technology in education

Getting Ready for the Digital Era in Schools

With this function, almost 33,000 Punjabi elementary schools received tablets. Preloaded with instructional materials, these devices support a variety of learning requirements and approaches. With the availability of interactive e-books, captivating animations, and instructive games, learning will become more dynamic and efficient for students.

Teachers Enabled by Technology

The TALEEM Program acknowledges that instructors play a critical role in advancing learning. Teachers can improve their teaching skills by utilizing the useful tools and resources that tablets provide. They will be able to provide engaging and customized learning experiences if they have access to lesson plans, digital assessment tools, and online training resources.

Opening the Door to a Better Future

The TALEEM Program offers more than just hardware. In addition, it emphasizes the development of a strong digital infrastructure and the provision of sufficient training for educators and learners alike. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees the efficient use of technology and its long-term incorporation into the educational environment.

Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024

The Punjab government unveiled the fantastic Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024 on January 21, 2024. The distribution of tablets is a significant event for Punjab and has the power to permanently alter the educational landscape in the area. This project aims to introduce digital advancements through IMIS, and the Integrated Management Information System, and foster an attitude shift through effective communication. It is in line with the larger goals of the TALEEM Program and is intended to increase access to learning and education at the intermediate and primary levels as well as to promote the idea of equity and inclusive education.

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