Class 6 Islamiat Book PDF

The Islamiat class 6 Punjab textbook is a book that covers the basic concepts and teachings of Islam for the students of grade 6 in Punjab, Pakistan. The book is based on the Single National Curriculum (SNC) 2023, which aims to provide a uniform and standardized education system across the country. The book is published by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PTCB), which is the official authority for developing and distributing textbooks in Punjab.

The book consists of 10 chapters, each covering a different topic related to Islam. The chapters are as follows:

باب 1: توحید کا تصور

باب 2: اللہ تعالیٰ کے صفات

باب 3: نبوت اور نبوت کی خاتمیت

باب 4: حضرت محمد ﷺ کی زندگی

باب 5: اسلام کے پانچ ستون

باب 6: مسلمانوں کے حقوق اور فرائض

باب 7: اسلامی تہذیب و سقافت

باب 8: اسلامی اخلاق و ادب

باب 9: اسلامی آداب و اخلاق

باب 10: اسلامی تہوار اور جشن

The book aims to provide a comprehensive and authentic knowledge of Islam to the students, as well as to develop their moral and spiritual values. The book also includes exercises, activities, questions, and illustrations to enhance the learning experience of the students.

class 6 islamiat book pdf

Class 6 islamiat book PDF

6th class Islamiat Book

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Islamiat class 6 Punjab textbook

The learning outcomes of the class 6 Islamiat book Punjab Textbook Board in Urdu are the following:

  • The students will be able to understand the basic concepts and teachings of Islam, such as the oneness of Allah, the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH), the five pillars of Islam, the six articles of faith, the Quran and Hadith, and the Islamic ethics and morals.
  • The students will be able to recite, memorise, and comprehend selected verses from the Quran and Hadith, and apply them to their daily lives.
  • The students will be able to appreciate the history and contributions of the Islamic civilization, especially in the fields of science, literature, art, and culture.
  • The students will be able to recognize the diversity and unity of the Muslim Ummah and respect the rights and responsibilities of other Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • The students will be able to develop a positive attitude towards Islam and practice its values and principles in their personal and social lives.

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