Apply Online For Pak Army Sipahi Jobs 2024

As of today, February 11, 2024, Pak Army Sipahi Jobs 2024 have been made public. That’s good news for everyone in Pakistan! The Pakistan Army has opened up a lot of positions for people from Pakistan. There are two easy ways to send in your entry through the Apply method. You can apply in two ways: first, you can send your application online at; second, you can apply in person at a Pak Army Center. You need to have a Matric to be a soldier in the Pakistan Army and an Inter to be a clerk. On-line applications close on May 9, 2024.

Apply Online For Pak Army Sipahi Jobs 2024

Pak Army Sipahi Jobs 2024

The ad for Pak Army Sipahi Jobs 2024 came out today, February 11, 2024. The offer for the Join Pak Army Sipahi Jobs 2024 came from the Daily NawaiWattan Newspaper. Click on this link to apply for the open positions in the Pakistan Army. This is for people who are looking for jobs in the Pakistan Army, Sipahi Jobs, Civilian Jobs, Pak Army Jobs, Pakistan Army Jobs, Soldier Jobs, Naib Khateeb Jobs, Jobs, Pak Army Official Website, Pakistan Army Online Registration, Registration, Pakistan Army Soldiers Registration, or the latest Pakistan Army Careers.

Jobs in the Pakistan Army in 2024


Pak Army Jobs 2024

Education Required

Matric  and Inter

Last Date to Apply

09 May 2024

Age Limit

18 to 23 Years

Pak Army Jobs

Apply Online jobs 2024

As of now, people who want to join the Pakistani Army as Sipahi 2024 can do so by going to can join the Pakistan Army to become a Junior Commissioned Officer (Naib Khateeb), a Nursing Assistant, a Sipahi, a Soldier Sipahi, a Sanitary Worker, a Sipahi Cook, a Soldier Clerk, or a Soldier Driver.

Criteria for Eligibility




Only Male

Marital Status



5 Feet 6 Inches (for Soldiers), 5 Feet 8 Inches (for Military Police)

Age Limit

17.5 Years to 23 Years (with Age Relaxation for Different Quotas)

Educational Qualifications

Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelor (for Soldiers), Minimum Intermediate Education with Grade C (for Clerk)


Candidates with valid LTV Driving License get two years age relaxation in the maximum age limit for Soldiers

Guards (Sipahi) Soldiers and Military Police:

  • Only men are allowed.
  • Status of marriage: married or single
  • 5 feet 6 inches tall
  • Civilians must be between 17.5 and 23 years old (ages can be lowered for certain quotas).
  • 5 feet 8 inches tall is the minimum height for military police.
  • Qualifications in school: matriculation, intermediate, bachelor
  • Note: People who have a current LTV driving license will be able to apply even if they are over the maximum age limit by two years.

The clerk:

  • Gender and marital status: Only men (married or single).
  • From 17.5 years old to 23 years old
  • At least 5 feet 3 inches tall
  • Educational Requirements: At least an intermediate education with a grade of C

Vacancies List



Junior Commissioned Officers (Naib Khateeb)

Spiritual leaders within the military, responsible for providing religious guidance and support to soldiers.

Nursing Assistant

Trained medical personnel tasked with providing basic nursing care and support to military personnel.


Frontline infantry personnel responsible for carrying out combat duties and maintaining security.


Rank equivalent to private, typically involved in various military tasks and duties as assigned.

Sanitary Worker

Responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in military facilities and living quarters.

Sipahi Cook

Trained personnel responsible for preparing meals and managing kitchen operations within the military.

Soldier Clerk

Administrative personnel tasked with handling paperwork, records, and clerical duties within the military.

Soldier Driver

Trained drivers responsible for operating military vehicles and transporting personnel and equipment.

How to Apply Online for Jobs in the Pakistani Army in 2024

  • The official website for the Pakistani Army is, where you can sign up online.
  • You can fill out an online application for the Pakistan Army until May 9, 2024.
  • Nursing assistants and soldiers are the only ones who can register online.

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