Apply for the Government Mobile Scheme online

The online application for the Government Smart Phone for everyone Scheme is now available. Under the GSMA smartphone initiative, individuals have the opportunity to acquire smartphones ranging in value from Rs10,000 to Rs100,000. If you are interested in applying for the Installment Scheme for purchasing mobile phones, this website is specifically designed for you. You have the option to choose a convenient payment plan. Instructions for applying for an installment plan to buy a mobile phone may be found on this page. Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Technology is getting ready to launch the “Smartphone for All” project, which aims to provide a convenient installment plan for purchasing mobile phones with affordable payment schedules. This initiative enables individuals to get mobile phones without the need for a substantial initial payment, in light of the economic challenges caused by inflation.

Apply for the Government Mobile Scheme online

Mobile scheme by government



Scheme Name

Smartphone for All

Application Year


Eligible Devices

Smartphones valued between Rs10,000 to Rs100,000

Application Method

Online Apply

Eligibility Criteria

Valid ID card required

Down Payment

20% down payment for the new phone

Installment Plans

3-12 months

Target Audience

Students, professionals, low-income individuals

Interest Charges

No interest charges

Economic Impact

Boosts economy through increased online shopping and business

Program Goals

Increase economic growth, empower people, close the digital divide

Additional Notes

Program still being set up, stay tuned for updates on the application process

Market Impact

Aiming to connect more people in Pakistan’s huge mobile market

Government Mobile Scheme 2024 Apply Online

The Pakistani government is initiating a program named “Smartphone for All” with the objective of facilitating access to smartphones for those with limited financial resources.

This initiative extends beyond the mere acquisition of a top-of-the-line equipment. The objectives of this initiative are to enhance economic expansion, enable individuals, and bridge the gap in digital access. The “Smartphone for All” project enhances accessibility to technology, hence facilitating improved availability of financial services, internet resources, and educational possibilities.

Apply online for the GSMA SmartPhone For All Scheme 2024

Minimal initial payment required: 

It is possible to purchase a smartphone via an installment scheme, allowing for the distribution of costs over a period of 3-12 months. Consider it akin to leasing the phone until you get full ownership of it!

Accessible to anyone at an affordable price:

Those from all backgrounds, including students, professionals, and those with little financial resources, are eligible to register. Simply possessing a valid identification document is sufficient.

Zero interest fees: 

You will be charged a fixed monthly rate, without any undisclosed charges or additional expenses.

Mobile devices available at various price points: 

Select a smartphone of your choice from a range of smartphones priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 100,000.

Stimulates economic growth: 

The increasing number of individuals possessing smartphones leads to a rise in online buying and commercial activities, therefore benefiting the whole population.

Mobile installment plan Application process

Explore the “GSMA Smartphone for All Scheme” initiated by the Ministry of Information and Technology.

Ensure that you possess a legitimate identification card.

Ensure that you are prepared to make a down payment of 20% when purchasing your new phone.

Select the most suitable payment plan for your needs, ranging from 3 to 12 months.

Seize this exceptional chance! Acquire knowledge about your choices, make rational decisions, and embrace the vast array of digital possibilities that await you. Remember that owning a smartphone is really the beginning of your journey, so make the most of it. Please note that this program is currently in the process of being established. Kindly remain informed for more information on the application process.

Pakistan has a substantial mobile market with 190 million phones now in operation. The objective of this initiative is to further expand connectivity among individuals.

Apply for the Smart Phone For All Scheme online

Therefore, ensure that you do not overlook this opportunity! Prepare yourself to enter the digital realm by acquiring a cutting-edge smartphone via the “Smartphone for All” initiative!

Please disseminate this information to anyone in your social circle who may have an interest in applying for the Government Mobile Scheme online. Let us establish connectivity among all individuals!

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