A stitch in time saves nine Story With Moral

The storyA Stitch in Time Saves Nine” is about a tailor named Tom. He didn’t fix a small tear in a dress he made for the mayor’s wife. The tear got bigger and the dress fell apart. This made the mayor’s wife embarrassed and Tom’s reputation was hurt. After that, Tom learned to fix small problems right away. The lesson of the story is that it’s important to fix small problems before they become big problems. A stitch in time saves nine meaning in Urdu is “وقت پر ایک ٹانکا نو کا کام کر دیتا ہے”

A stitch in time saves nine Story With Moral

A stitch in time saves nine Story

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a tailor named Tom. Tom was a skilled tailor who was known for his fine craftsmanship. He had a small shop in the village where he made clothes for the villagers.

One day, while working on a dress for the mayor’s wife, Tom noticed a small tear in the fabric. He thought to himself, “It’s just a small tear. I’ll fix it later.”

Tom continued working on the dress, but he forgot about the tear. The dress was finished and the mayor’s wife came to pick it up. She was very happy with the dress and thanked Tom for his hard work.

The next day, the mayor’s wife wore the dress to a big event in the village. As she was walking, the tear in the fabric grew bigger and bigger until the entire dress fell apart.

The mayor’s wife was embarrassed and angry. She went to Tom’s shop and demanded an explanation. Tom realized his mistake and apologized. He fixed the dress, but his reputation was damaged.

From that day on, Tom learned his lesson. He never ignored a small problem again. He always fixed things right away, no matter how small they were.

The moral of the story is that it’s important to address problems when they are small because if we ignore them, they can grow into bigger problems that are harder to fix.

A stitch in time saves nine Quotations

Here are some quotes on the theme of “A stitch in time saves nine”:

  • “A stitch in time saves nine.” – Proverb
  • “Never leave that till tomorrow, which you can do today.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “The early bird catches the worm.” – Proverb
  • “He who hesitates is lost.” – Proverb

A stitch in time saves nine Story | 150 words

Once upon a time in the quaint village of Havenbrook, there lived a young girl named Lily, who was known for her carefree nature. She loved playing with her friends and often neglected her chores. One day, her wise grandmother, Mrs. Johnson, noticed Lily’s torn dress but chose not to intervene.

As days passed, the small tear on Lily’s dress grew bigger, yet she paid no heed. One evening, Mrs. Johnson finally decided to impart a valuable lesson. She gently told Lily the age-old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Confused, Lily listened as her grandmother explained the significance of addressing problems promptly to avoid greater troubles in the future.

Realizing her mistake, Lily learned the importance of timely action. From that day on, she embraced responsibility and fixed the tear immediately. This simple act taught Lily a valuable moral lesson, reminding her and the children of Havenbrook that a little effort now can prevent bigger complications later.

Through this tale, we understand the essence of proactivity and the significance of addressing issues early on. It is a lesson for both children and adults to take action promptly and responsibly, ensuring that small problems do not escalate into larger ones. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

A stitch in time saves nine Story in Urdu

ایک زمانے میں ہیون بروک کے پرانے گاؤں میں للی نام کی ایک نوجوان لڑکی رہتی تھی، جو اپنی بے فکری کے لیے مشہور تھی۔ وہ اپنے دوستوں کے ساتھ کھیلنا پسند کرتی تھی اور اکثر اپنے کاموں کو نظرانداز کرتی تھی۔ ایک دن، اس کی عقلمند دادی، مسز جانسن نے للی کے پھٹے ہوئے لباس کو دیکھا لیکن اس نے مداخلت نہ کرنے کا انتخاب کیا۔

جیسے جیسے دن گزرتے گئے، للی کے لباس پر چھوٹا آنسو بڑا ہوتا گیا، پھر بھی اس نے کوئی توجہ نہ دی۔ ایک شام، مسز جانسن نے بالآخر ایک قیمتی سبق دینے کا فیصلہ کیا۔ اس نے بڑی عمر کے للی کو آہستہ سے کہا، “وقت میں ایک سلائی نو کو بچاتی ہے۔” الجھن میں، للی نے سنا جب اس کی دادی نے مستقبل میں زیادہ پریشانیوں سے بچنے کے لیے مسائل کو فوری طور پر حل کرنے کی اہمیت کی وضاحت کی۔

اپنی غلطی کا احساس کرتے ہوئے، للی نے بروقت کارروائی کی اہمیت جان لی۔ اس دن سے، اس نے ذمہ داری قبول کی اور فوری طور پر آنسو کو ٹھیک کیا. اس سادہ عمل نے للی کو ایک قیمتی اخلاقی سبق سکھایا، اسے اور ہیون بروک کے بچوں کو یاد دلایا کہ اب تھوڑی سی کوشش بعد میں بڑی پیچیدگیوں کو روک سکتی ہے۔

اس کہانی کے ذریعے، ہم سرگرمی کے جوہر اور مسائل کو جلد حل کرنے کی اہمیت کو سمجھتے ہیں۔ یہ بچوں اور بڑوں دونوں کے لیے ایک سبق ہے کہ وہ فوری اور ذمہ داری سے کارروائی کریں، اس بات کو یقینی بناتے ہوئے کہ چھوٹے مسائل بڑے مسائل میں تبدیل نہ ہوں۔ یاد رکھیں، وقت میں ایک سلائی نو کو بچاتی ہے!

A stitch in time saves nine Story -250 words

In the charming town of Greenfield, there lived a diligent young boy named Tim. Tim’s days were filled with various tasks, but he always made sure to complete them on time. His favorite pastime was weaving beautiful tapestries that adorned the walls of his small cottage. However, there was one thing Tim often ignored – a leaky roof that troubled him during the rainy season.

One sunny morning, as Tim was engrossed in his tapestry, he noticed a small damp spot forming on the ceiling. He paid little attention to it, assuming it was just a minor issue that would disappear on its own. But as the days passed, the damp spot grew larger and darker. Tim’s wise neighbor, Mr. Roberts, who was well-known for his craftsmanship, noticed the issue during his visit.

Concerned, Mr. Roberts advised Tim, “A stitch in time saves nine, my boy. Don’t neglect that leaky roof; fix it before it worsens.”

Tim, however, thought he could manage without immediate action. He continued to weave his tapestries, hoping the problem would magically vanish. Little did he know that the delay was causing the wooden beams to rot, weakening the structure.

One stormy night, disaster struck. The weakened roof could no longer withstand the heavy rain and collapsed, causing extensive damage to Tim’s beloved cottage. Devastated, he sought help from Mr. Roberts, who compassionately assisted him in repairing the roof and rebuilding the damaged areas.

Through this unfortunate experience, Tim understood the importance of heeding wise advice. He realized that procrastination and neglect could lead to severe consequences. From that day on, Tim vowed to address any issue, no matter how small, immediately.

The moral “A stitch in time saves nine” became Tim’s guiding principle. He shared his story with others in Greenfield, encouraging them to be proactive and attentive to their responsibilities. Tim’s cottage stood strong once again, and he continued weaving his tapestries with a newfound sense of responsibility and wisdom.

This tale serves as a timeless reminder that timely action and diligence can save us from greater troubles in the future. It inspires us to tackle challenges promptly, fostering a sense of responsibility and discipline in our lives. Remember, a stitch in time truly saves nine.

A stitch in time saves nine Story -500 words

In the quaint town of Millington, there lived a young and enthusiastic girl named Amelia. She was known for her love of adventure and often found herself caught up in various activities with her friends. However, Amelia had a habit of procrastinating when it came to her responsibilities at home.

One sunny afternoon, as Amelia played in the meadow with her friends, her mother, Mrs. Thompson, noticed a small leak in the kitchen sink. Concerned about the potential damage it could cause, she called out to Amelia, “Sweetheart, please help me fix this leak. A stitch in time saves nine, you know!”

Amelia replied with a cheerful smile, “Sure, Mom, I’ll do it later. Right now, I’m having so much fun with my friends!”

The days flew by, and Amelia’s promise to fix the leak remained unfulfilled. She was always occupied with games and outings, leaving her mother’s plea unheard. As time passed, the leak grew larger, and water began to seep into the kitchen cabinets.

One day, Amelia’s grandparents came to visit. As they entered the kitchen and noticed the water damage, they advised Amelia, “A stitch in time saves nine, my dear. It’s essential to attend to problems when they’re small, or they can escalate into something much worse.”

However, Amelia brushed off their concerns, assuring them that she would take care of it soon. But as weeks turned into months, the leak worsened, and mold began to grow in the damp corners of the kitchen. The situation had now become a serious problem, far beyond what a simple fix would have required.

One evening, while Amelia’s parents were away, a heavy rainstorm hit Millington. Amelia and her grandparents were in the living room when they heard a loud crash. Rushing to the kitchen, they discovered that the ceiling had collapsed due to the accumulated water from the leak.

Amelia felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and regret. She now understood the true meaning behind the saying “A stitch in time saves nine.” Her procrastination and neglect had led to a disaster that could have been easily prevented with timely action.

The next day, Amelia, with the help of her family, began the extensive task of repairing the damage. As they worked, Amelia’s father explained to her, “Remember, Amelia, addressing problems promptly not only saves time and effort but also prevents more significant issues from arising. Being proactive is crucial in life.”

The incident left a profound impact on Amelia. From that day on, she became diligent in attending to her responsibilities. She realized that being responsible wasn’t just about completing tasks but also about taking care of the little things before they turned into big problems.

As time went on, Amelia matured into a responsible and proactive young woman. She applied the principle of “A stitch in time saves nine” to all aspects of her life, whether it was her studies, relationships, or personal well-being. Her friends admired her for her wisdom and reliability, and she became a role model for many in Millington.

The saying “A stitch in time saves nine” became a guiding light for the people of the town as they learned from Amelia’s experience. It reminded them to be proactive and attentive to even the smallest issues in their lives. They understood that by acting promptly and responsibly, they could avoid unnecessary complications and hardships.

And so, the story of Amelia and the valuable moral it carried spread throughout Millington, serving as a timeless reminder to everyone that taking action when needed is the key to a smoother and more successful journey through life.

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