A Friend in Need is The Friend Indeed Story For Class 9

A Friend in Need is The Friend Indeed Story For Class 9

A Friend in Need is The Friend Indeed Story-(Easy – 150 words)

Two friends embarked on a journey, promising unwavering support to each other. While passing through a jungle, they encountered a menacing bear. The selfish friend swiftly abandoned his companion and climbed a tree, showing no concern for his friend’s safety. The other friend, unable to climb, lay still, hoping the bear would spare him as it wouldn’t eat dead bodies. The bear approached, sniffing the motionless friend, and assumed him to be lifeless, eventually leaving.

Once the danger had passed, the selfish friend descended and teasingly inquired, “Dear, what did the bear whisper in your ear?” The loyal friend replied, “The bear warned me never to trust a selfish friend.” With that, he bid farewell to his untrustworthy companion and continued alone on the journey.

Urdu Meaning:

  • Embarked: سفر کرنا
  • Unwavering: بے لوچ
  • Menacing: خوفناک
  • Abandoned: ترک کر دیا
  • Motionless: بے حرکت
  • Teasingly: مذاق کرتے ہوئے
  • Untrustworthy: ناقابلِ اعتماد

A Friend in Need is The Friend Indeed Story-(Standard – 250 words)

Once upon a time, two inseparable friends set out on a journey, pledging eternal support to each other. As fate would have it, they traversed through a dense jungle and encountered a colossal bear. In a selfish act of self-preservation, one friend promptly abandoned the other and climbed a nearby tree, displaying no regard for his companion’s safety.

His less fortunate friend, aware of the bear’s aversion to consuming dead bodies, opted to play dead and lay still on the ground, hoping for a miraculous escape. The bear approached curiously, sniffing the motionless figure. Convinced that the friend was lifeless, the bear retreated into the wilderness.

Upon ensuring the bear had gone, the selfish friend descended from the tree and mockingly asked, “Dear friend, what did the bear whisper in your ear?” Unfazed, the loyal friend replied, “The bear advised me to beware of selfish friends.” With those words, he bid adieu to his treacherous companion and ventured forth alone.

This tale illustrates the true essence of friendship, where loyalty and selflessness triumph over selfishness. It serves as a reminder that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and true friendship endures even in the face of adversity.

Urdu Meaning:

  • Inseparable: ناجائز الگ ہونے والا
  • Traversed: عبور کرنا
  • Aversion: نفرت
  • Adieu: خدا حافظ کہنا

A Friend in Need is The Friend Indeed Story-(Outstanding – 500 words)

In the annals of time, the tale of two friends embarking on a transformative journey echoes the essence of true friendship, unyielding in the face of trials. These comrades vowed to stand by each other through thick and thin, an oath that would soon be put to the test.

As they traversed a verdant jungle, teeming with both beauty and danger, they stumbled upon a fearsome sight – a colossal bear, its powerful presence eliciting both awe and terror. At that moment, the true nature of one friend came to the forefront. With self-preservation as his sole concern, he hastily abandoned his companion and nimbly ascended a sturdy tree, forsaking any thought of assisting his friend.

Meanwhile, the other friend found himself incapable of scaling the tree. In that dire moment, his ingenuity and quick thinking took over. Recalling an old tale that bears had an aversion to consuming dead bodies, he decided to feign death. With bated breath, he lay motionless on the ground, heart pounding in his chest as he hoped and prayed for this ploy to work.

The bear approached with a mix of curiosity and hunger, its keen sense of smell detecting the scent of life in the air. It came closer, cautiously inspecting the prone figure before him. The friend remained resolute, holding his breath and suppressing any urge to flee. To his relief, the bear eventually seemed convinced of his demise and retreated into the shadows of the forest.

Only when the jungle fell silent once more did the surviving friend emerge from his guise of death. He glanced up at the tree where his selfish companion had sought refuge, feeling a mixture of disappointment and anger. As the selfish friend descended from his sanctuary, he attempted to lighten the mood with a jest, “Dear friend, what did the bear whisper in your ear?”

The loyal friend, no longer willing to tolerate such betrayal, responded with a hint of sorrow, “The bear offered valuable advice – to be wary of those who forsake their friends in times of need.” Without another word, he turned away, leaving his once-beloved companion behind.

This poignant tale serves as a testament to the true essence of friendship. It reflects the enduring qualities of loyalty, selflessness, and camaraderie that define genuine bonds. It cautions against the allure of selfishness, reminding us that superficial attachments crumble in the face of adversity, while true friends stand tall, providing solace and support through life’s darkest moments.

The journey of these two friends resonates with all who hear it, serving as an eternal reminder that a friend in need is indeed a friend worth cherishing. In an ever-changing world, where relationships can waver like the shadows of the past, this story remains a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to sincere and everlasting friendships.

Urdu Meaning:

  • Transformative: تبدیل کنندہ
  • Teeming: بھرپور
  • Comrades: یارانہ
  • Forsaking: ترک کرنا
  • Aversion: نفرت
  • Guise: چھپاؤ
  • Sorrow: غم

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