9th Class Urdu Paper Pattern 2024 All Punjab Board, Sindh Board, Federal & KPK board

The 9th Class Urdu Paper Pattern for the year 2024, serves as a valuable resource for students preparing for their annual exams. This paper scheme is designed to provide students with a clear understanding of the exam’s format and structure, enabling them to formulate an effective preparation strategy to achieve good scores.

Paper Pattern Urdu 9th class PDF

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Urdu paper pattern class 9

Urdu paper pattern class 9

The paper pattern of class 9 Urdu is prepared such that tests are conducted to assess all aspects of the subject. The pattern is divided into two main sections: subjective and objective.
This part is usually made of essay-type questions where a student is supposed to provide extensive responses. However, the objective section is made up of either many-choice or short-answer questions.
There are several chapter-wise tests in the syllabus for Urdu papers and they cover different parts of the syllabus. There is one part of the syllabus per test altogether there are twelve tests.

Question 1: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • Chapters: Sabaq (Lesson), Nazam (Poem), Ghazal (Ghazal), Grammar (Qawaid)
  • Number of MCQs: 7 for Sabaq, 2 for Nazam, 1 for Ghazal, 5 for Grammar
  • Total Marks: 15

Question 2: Explanation of Selected Poems and Ghazals

  • Part: Nazam (Poem)
  • Number of MCQs: 1.6 marks each for multiple selected poems
  • Part: Ghazal (Ghazal)
  • Number of MCQs: 2.5 marks each for multiple selected ghazals
  • Total Marks: 60

Question 3: Explanation of Prose Passages

  • Part: Prose Passages (Nasr Paron Ki Tashreeh)
  • Total Marks: 5 marks each for two passages

Question 4: Short Answer Questions

  • Answer brief questions for five different topics or passages
  • Total Marks: 2 marks each for a total of 10 marks

Question 5: Summary Writing

  • Write a summary for a selected lesson
  • Total Marks: 5 marks

Question 6: Summary or Central Idea of a Poem

  • Write a summary or central idea for a selected poem
  • Total Marks: 5 marks

Question 7: Letter or Application Writing

  • Write a letter or application
  • Total Marks: 10 marks

Question 8: Story Writing or Dialogue

  • Write a story or dialogue
  • Total Marks: 5 marks

Question 9: Sentence Correction or Completion

  • Correct sentences or complete given sentences
  • Total Marks: 5 marks

This pairing scheme is designed to help students prepare for their 9th Class Urdu exam under the Punjab Board’s curriculum. It specifies the allocation of marks and the types of questions that students can expect in the exam.

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